Is President Trump is running for office – next month? One would think if you listen to recent campaign ads, either Democrat or Republican. Trump’s name is there, a ghost  candidate on ballots across the nation. We will soon see if that is a negative.

I just heard one ad paid for by the Democrat National Committee relative to NJ-03 Congressman Tom MacArthur, a very solid Republican who has had input and impact on bills affecting his district across the river. In the campaign ads – Donald Trump is there.

But in his own (TV) ad on a Philadelphia station, MacArthur emphasized his work on behalf of veterans, supporting the Joint Base McGuire-Dix and dealing with (legislatively) the opioid crisis. But his pitch was that if you like what he is doing on behalf of “you” give him your vote — regardless of how you feel about the president. OOPS.

Our Bucks County Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick is an independent kind of guy, who has been doing a great job, like his counterpart in the Garden State, but his Democrat opponent has DNC generated ads calling Fitzpatrick a “waterboy, a yes man” for Donald Trump. Ridiculous.

Two things: Both Fitzpatrick and MacArthur are independent, accomplished centrist congressmen and President Trump is a strong leader. None are typical politicians. I’m anxious to see what happens next month – Nov. 6.