Just in time for the upcoming election, the anti-gun people are swarming to the sides of their Democrat buddies, again, calling for a ban or restrictions on some guns and tighter gun laws. They say they are not gun-grabbers, but take aim at the weapon and Republican candidates.

We hear voices rise in favor of gun bans after horrific shootings and again when it comes time to vote for federal or state offices. It happened in New Hope this week. Democrat candidates nodding their heads in approval of a stern critique of guns in America, lobbyists, the NRA, school security — all presented by the angry and grieving father of a young daughter killed in her Florida school.

He has our deepest sympathy.

The mental health or previous disruptive behavior of the shooters doesn’t come up much in the anti-gun arguments, but it should. I don’t think I’m alone in arguing that the holder of the weapon, the one who pulls the trigger, is solely to blame for the aforementioned unspeakable crimes.

It has been reported that most of the school shooters have had recognized or diagnosed emotional issues, violent behavior, and run-ins with police, school authorities, their own families. . . And all had easy access to weapons.

Yet this issue has been politicized. We’re told we can save lives by banning certain military-style guns, beefing up existing gun laws. . . I see the rationale for some of this, but I’m always listening for the call to address violence and mental health as it relates to the purchase and ownership of firearms.

It is a case-by-case matter that needs to be reckoned with and cries out for more attention in our Legislative branches.

Finally, just recently I heard someone talking about the man who killed scores of Las Vegas concert-goers. The television commentator wondered if anyone would ever know why he carried out that deadly plan. There were no signs of problems, he said, adding the “investigators” still have no clue.

I have an idea why he killed all those innocent people and himself: he was out of his mind. -pw