What about this “caravan” of Central Americans marching toward the U.S. border? I am watching TV news with astonishment. What is this? Is there any justification for accepting a horde of people, obviously some inspired by a genuine reach for a better life, or not.

Someone has orchestrated a human and political crisis. Yet, it’s difficult to pin this caravan on any group or organization, now, but it surely goes beyond the usual suspects, I believe.

Reportedly, and hopefully, something will be done at our border by military if necessary. And Mexico, our economic partner, is going to try to stop the multi-nation group that has gone from 1,000 to about 4,000 people seeking “political asylum” at their border.

Asylum? I see a massive orchestration of a crisis for the U.S. caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Our laws require detention, then a hearing. However, there is no room to detain thousands of people. Also, experience tells us, once released most do not return – gone, absorbed into our country.

I trust the president will soon get the cooperation of other Central American countries that are being crossed. Now I see a pre-election political issue rising out of a genuine crisis that includes our national security. This is the time for real bipartisan action, a united front, not the phony bipartisanship we hear about mostly during campaigns.

We need secure borders, every nation needs control of its borders – who can argue with that? We also need a wall.