Topic of the week, again. Coronavirus. 

Two things: Stop scaring people, whoever you are, and quit hoarding food, whoever you are. Everyone is talking about the scarcity of toilet paper. Is that crazy, or what? Bathroom issues are not connected to the virus, as far as I know, so why stock up with 60 rolls of toilet paper, you people. Think you might run out, or prices will soar? Sure.

Meanwhile, you can’t find hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes and sprays, and liquid soap on most store shelves. The products do come in, but seem to fly out the door like a bird of prey. At the times of the day when I usually shop I have NEVER seen toilet paper. I have it, thanks to a family member who was limited to the quantities he could buy and got me a pack. (At last the merchants set a limit, as they should have.)

I have a tidbit to ease your mind. ALL the toilet paper we use is manufactured in the U.S., which is good news. Relax and shop early.

A new one: On Sunday, milk was unavailable in a few supermarkets, in my area, most likely because the kids are home from school for two weeks. So let’s buy gallons…  However, more milk is on the way, which reminds me there’s another reason we’re lucky to live in Bucks County — farms and cows and plenty of stores, big and small.

Finally, Mother says don’t be afraid, be calm, sensible, avoid crowds and most of all, wash your hands – 20 seconds worth. Bump elbows and get on with it.