If it’s not the invisible coronavirus on your mind, brace yourself for the increasing encroachment of a two-inch-long hornet that originated in Asia and now is seen buzzing about the State of Washington. Not close, but…

This so-called “Murder Hornet” invaded North America in British Columbia, Canada, and flew south to Washington, where it was reported to have slaughtered hives of bees, chewing them up and feeding them to their baby hornets. Yikes.

If that isn’t gruesome enough, multiple stings are likely to kill you.  The Murder Hornet was responsible for about 50 fatalities in Japan, as reported in The New York Times.

Although we careful humans may be able to avoid the nasty-looking creatures, their threat to the honeybee population is worrisome  – not only because we love honey, but bees are nature’s great pollinators and American farmers have taken notice of the threat.

There you have it—something more to worry about.