Have you ever looked at your closet, garage, or attic and wondered where all the stuff came from? But when you’re ready to move on, you see the stuff as though it was the first time – as in, dropped out of the sky!

But let’s say you’re not at that crossroad, like me. Ridding yourself and your environment of the excesses of modern life is quite a task, so it’s never too soon to get it off the back burner.

However, I am thinking about something more serious, as in becoming a Minimalist.

Surely you’ve heard of those souls who strip their lies down to the bare minimum –ridding themselves of all the unnecessary trappings of modern life. I’m still thinking.

This new thought began after I had a chat with a vibrant, older woman who is living a minimalist lifestyle in Levittown. She was proud to share her experience as a free woman, she said, no longer a prisoner of belongings and boxes and stuff accumulated in a lifetime.

A tiny house in Portland, Oregon.

Today, she’s free as the wind and said she’s even considering buying a tiny house. Yikes!

My new friend explained that minimizing, which is beyond downsizing and not mandated by a lifestyle change, is a serious endeavor. Emptying a house of stuff is life changing and hard work. It is a strip-down, basically, leaving you with only the necessities of life. (How many pots and pans do you need?)

To minimize gives you more free time to focus on new adventures, or not, or getting healthy, relaxing, reading a borrowed library book. The Minimalists, like my new friend, say one can live with less and live well. What do you think?

However, now it’s getting complicated — just thinking about all my stuff, my memories, my history. Really? My history, as in the Founding Fathers? Alas, that is the hook to saving and stashing. All our stuff is important, we think.

I realize that being in the Minimalist Movement will take courage, planning and really biting the bullet. Hmm-m-m-m sounds easy. Throw out and donate the rest.

What will go first? What will be donated? There’s too much stuff right here in this room…

I think I’ll sleep on it tonight.