A moment of peace and a promise of a brighter future for the Middle East came today with the signing of the Abraham Accords by the United States, Israel and Bahrain. The agreements encompassed a region long recognized as a cauldron of discord and violence.

But it was a sunny day at the White House for this historic event, highlighted as an important step toward a lasting peace and understanding among people of all faiths, races and nations – one that can endure for future generations.

The president’s leadership and tireless effort was cited, along with praise for the team, led by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Jared Kushner, the president’s advisor and son-in-law.

The  signing came at the height of the president’s re-election  campaign, and amid racial unrest and turmoil in some of our major cities.

However, Trump was in the presidential mode, with politics temporarily on the back burner, while his opponent Joe Biden did not acknowledge the historic event at the White House, but in a nearly simultaneous campaign speech chided the president on a variety of his alleged remarks from COVID to climate change.

Yet, the impactful agreement among Israel and its Arab neighbors is a real moment in the sun for the president.