Dear Mr. President:

You have done many good things, even great things while in office – and so I, like many of your supporters, overlook your tweet habit, gangbuster commentary on your enemies, and name-calling.

It’s not presidential, the critics say and I agree. I’m sorry. However, there’s never been a president like you – a successful businessman who’s survived the shark tank, a bold New Yorker, who punches back. And you are not beholden to any political party or politicians. How novel.

I do appreciate your combativeness because it is like nothing we have seen coming from the Oval Office. Others hate the in-your-face diplomacy, but it seems to be more effective than that of our previous “charmers.”

But I respectfully take issue with you on this “fake news” criticism and more importantly, the “enemy of the people” charge leveled by you today at the New York Times. Freedom of the press is the mightiest of freedoms contained in the First Amendment. We need to honor it.

Yes, the mainstream media has been unfair, challenging and seems to be on a clear mission to bring you down. They do this, not by writing fake stories, but with what I call “spin,” a way of wording the question to, one, get the suggestive accusation out there, and two, counting on you to “bite.”

“Spin” is what PR people do – put the best spin on your client’s story, leave the bad stuff out. In the political/news arena, spin is slanting the news, or spinning it in such a way the target president appears to be unpresidential at the least, or inept and crazy on the other end. But there is hope.

Good reporters/journalists are non-partisan truthseekers who do their jobs without malice. The First Amendment is our salvation.