Speak MY Piece: Letter to Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden meets with U.S. and Turkish Business Leaders at the second Global Entrepreneurship Summit at the convention center in Istanbul, Turkey, December 3, 2011. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

Joe Biden just sent an email to “Patricia” asking for money. The former vice president, or should I call him Joe, said he needed $5 to “fuel his campaign” before the end-of-month deadline. This was a serious email. The Biden campaign war chest is short $190,000. No small change, Joe.

The fact is, the campaign is in serious trouble, what with the gaffes, failing the fact-check test and some of his colleagues bringing up the age thing… Oops.

The former vice president made it clear, however, he wants to take back the White House – he said so in that friendly email appeal to Patricia, that also noted President Trump has over $100 million in his coffers.

Of course, this Republican can’t spare $5 for a candidate who has flipped positions and cornered the market on gaffes, or slips of the lip, or revisionist history and at 78 years of age doesn’t seem to know who he is. So, sorry Mr. Vice President, or is it Joe, to me?

I respect your years of service and the offices you held, but I don’t think I’d like to see you and those progressive loonies on your coattail back in charge. And another thing – they don’t like you as much as I do.

Good luck and God speed wherever you go, Joe, but I cannot give you $5 or “other” at this time. Thank you.