It’s nearly midnight. I hear the music and familiar lyrics of  “Auld Lang Syne” and admit I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. “Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind..?” The opening words strike a chord.

Some of us have lost loved ones this past year, and the memory lingers.  We are reminded often and also when we hear that Scottish song about long-lost friends every New Year’s Eve. It’s an old song written in 1788 by the poet Robert Burns,.. lest we forget family and friends.

This year the spirit surrounding the turn of another year was dampened by a pandemic, social restrictions, riots and political wrangling that ultimately resulted in tonight’s chorus of feeble entertainers talking us into a would-be party, while waving into the cameras high above a relatively empty New York city street.

It’s not the same, nor was 2020, and it’s ending in a fizzle. Hooray, I say. In one minute, it will be 2021, hopefully a year marked with personal change, good health and happiness. And are we still making new year resolutions that we won’t keep?  Why not promise to be a better friend, neighbor or mate?

In the wake of the wild and crazy 2020, we could resolve to be more tolerant of others’ opinions, more understanding, overall, and better citizens. Some will make 2021 a year of service by being helpful to others, volunteering, serving.

More importantly, do not look back, or rehash the past. Set the political pinwheel aside, bid adieu to President Donald Trump, thank him for his service, and wish the new president, good luck and good cheer.

Happy New Year everyone!