In her first-ever election bid, KC Tomlinson won the 18th district special election race in Bensalem, defeating Democrat Harold Hayes.

Tomlinson, the daughter of popular State Sen. Tommy Tomlinson, overcame an 11th hour legal challenge fueled by Bucks County Democrats to shut down Tuesday’s special election, winning by an unofficial margin of 4412 to 3591.

Newly elected State Rep. KC Tomlinson. Photo via Facebook.

A November election is on tap, however. Tomlinson and Hayes will be on the primary ballot, April 28, with no opposition, and will face off, again, in November. The seat was vacated by former Republican State Rep. Gene DiGirolomo, who held the post since 1995.

Bucks Commissioner Chair Diane Marseglia led the effort to postpone the special election citing coronavirus concerns. Bucks GOP Chair Pat Poprik argued that the 18th legislative district has had no representative in Harrisburg for months, thus, the need for a swift special election. The citizens were being “under-served,” Poprik told WBCB.

Off the record, county Republicans felt the political push, including money, from the Philadelphia Democrat machine in this election. It’s not surprising that statewide Republicans pushed back hard against postponing the election, citing the influx of absentee ballots as an indication the election was underway. That argument was successful.

A reported 8,000 voters of an estimated 40,000 registered voters cast ballots, Tuesday, despite coronavirus warnings. Poll workers and political parties were significantly aware of the need for extra precautions, sanitizing surfaces and offering hand sanitizers, they said.  It is believed that light voting throughout the day possibly gave an advantage to the Republican candidate from GOP-strong Bensalem..

Regardless of the outcome, it’s good the election went forward.. The delay was fueled by pure politics, possibly giving the losing candidate more time and more money to take on Tomlinson.

People need representation. Didn’t I read that somewhere?