I hope the Senate votes and elevates federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. He has survived a merciless onslaught from a nasty group of partisan U.S. senators, clearly on a search and destroy mission. I am not surprised by the opposition to a Trump nominee, but thoroughly shocked by the level of vehemence.

The political machinations we have witnessed are desperate and transparent. We know leading Democrats orchestrated an attack on this federal judge who is not a “mystery.”

He has been investigated six other times, has a written record of 300 or more judicial decisions, plus the support of women who worked with him and for him.

When is enough enough? The end of the latest FBI investigation this week closed without a shred of corroboration for Dr. Ford’s allegation. So the Democrats should take the knife out of the judge’s heart and move on – tell the crazies it’s over.

Dr. Christine Ford was thrown under the bus by Sen. Diane Feinstein, first, and then run over by the other nasty Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. She was used. While in the frying pan, Dr. Ford did not seem quite as credible as they repeatedly said. On the other hand, it seems as if she was coached to use that little girl voice and tilt her head, which tends to make one appear vulnerable, according to the “body language experts.”

I tend to think Dr. Ford was attacked somewhere, sometime, by someone, and she may one day recall what really happened to her. What will she do?

Finally, I say it’s time for the wimpy Republicans to stand strong, stick to your principles, support the whole team and lock horns with the emerging radical Left and the slick group of partisans hell-bent on undoing a Republican administration at any cost.

Bipartisanship sure flew out the window on this one. – PW 10/4/18