The vote to appoint Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court has been delayed. He was the choice of President Donald Trump.

Last week, a woman came forward after 36 years and said she was either 15 or 16 when she was “attacked” by 16-year-old Brett Kavanaugh. She said she “could” have been raped if she had not fled the room. The alleged victim is not sure of location, the homeowners, or the year. But this vague, but serious accusation has stalled a vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment previously scheduled for Sept. 20.

This appears to be an extension of the madness we’ve witnessed for nearly two years — Democrats frothing at the mouth over losing the White House to Donald Trump. Indeed. And since they’re not in the majority, they want to make sure the president’s agenda is shredded and his appointee to the highest court in the land is crushed.

Without attributing innocence or guilt to either the judge or his accuser, this is in-the-gutter politics. Where’s the concern for an honorable man, a judge, who has had an impeccable record on and off the bench and also passed through several FBI investigations over the years.

And where is the concern for the accuser who requested anonymity. It’s clear those who were using the woman’s allegation to take down Judge Kavanaugh leaked her name to the media.

But this 11th hour political assault may backfire on the Democrats whose shiny daggers are always out, or so it seems. Some may find the viciousness of the way they play the game is not good for the country or the way the system is supposed to work and should work.

Postscript: The only reason to bring up anything so old, so beyond the statute of limitations and so rooted in a fuzzy memory would be to destroy someone’s life.