Speak MY Piece: K.C. Tomlinson Sworn In

Kathleen “K.C.” Tomlinson takes the oath of office while her father, Sen. Robert “Tommy” Tomlinson, holds the Bible during the ceremony. Photo via PA House GOP.

Congratulations to new State Representative Kathleen (K.C.) Tomlinson, a Republican, who was sworn into office in Harrisburg today. She will represent the 18th legislative district, a two-year seat formerly held by Bucks County Commissioner Gene DiGirolamo.

The special election on March 17 provided needed state representation for district citizens who had gone “unrepresented” after DiGirolamo was sworn into county office in January.

Vacancies highlight the importance of representative government and the need to fill such seats. State representatives are our connection to state government and government services. Meanwhile, their  local offices remain accessible, an important service at this time of stay-at-home edicts and the encroaching coronavirus,  State (local) offices and officers are our link to the state health department and other services and information, including unemployment benefits and economic/business information.

Tomlinson’s office will pick up the services and accessibility of former Rep. DiGirolamo’s office, she has said. And no doubt she will work closely with her Dad, State Sen. Robert (Tommy) Tomlinson.

Two other newly-elected state representatives were sworn in today: Eric Davanzo, Westmoreland County, and Tim Bonner, Mercer County. Both also are Republicans who won in Republican-leaning districts, which maintains the Republican majority in the state House of Representatives.

Bucks County Democrats and Gov. Wolf attempted to delay the special March election by petitioning the court, citing the coronavirus. But the PA primary election scheduled for April 28 has been postponed until June 2.