Speak MY Piece: Imported Crime From Trenton

A Trenton Police vehicle stationed on Brunswick Ave after a shooting in May 2019.

Trenton is in the news, again, and it’s not all good.

Trenton, another state, separated from Bucks County by the mighty Delaware River, but connected by bridges, three of them linking Trenton to Morrisville. Across those bridges come good people shopping in a suburban atmosphere, parents with children enjoying Halloween in Morrisville, some preferring Bucks County schools.

But it has became abundantly clear Trenton’s criminal element also loves beautiful Bucks County.

This week, police were called to a deadly shooting at the Holiday Inn in Falls Township — and in close proximity to Sesame Place. Police said alleged Trenton gang members had booked several rooms at the Holiday Inn. For what – a stay in the “country” or some other nefarious reason?

And also on Memorial Day, a police chase began when a Trenton fugitive sped across the Calhoun Street Bridge into Morrisville and led several police cars through the borough to Route 13. When he circled back on a Rt. 13 ramp in Falls, he slammed into an empty police car, just missing the Falls officer standing outside. The culprit, who was sent to Bucks County Prison, earlier had tried to run down a Trenton detective.

The criminal activity between Trenton and Bucks County is not a new story to residents or law enforcement on this side of the river. Overall, criminal activity and violent crime is high in Trenton and #3 in the entire state for violent crimes. (FBI and NJ State Police say so).

It’s been suggested that some out-of-state criminals actually plan, or prefer, to commit crimes in Bucks County because they have anonymity, it’s easier to evade and escapte, and they may be more safe among the “country cops,” but increasingly they are wrong.

Normally, we would not have much interest in the goings on in New Jersey’s capital. It’s another state, we pay no taxes there, and we have no voice in any election, local or state. But after this recent imported crime wave, and increased crime in Trenton, I think about the impact on our towns and believe someone has to say something.

High crime rates are not guaranteed with all urban (big) cities, by the way. So what about Trenton? My guess is there are many factors, but a lack of leadership is one, politics, another. Still, I have to believe there are many good people over there and certainly the Trenton police are doing the best they can. Do they need more manpower, more money? Not for us to say.

While we may have no leverage in Garden State activities, we do have a sounding board in the Bucks County District Attorney’s office and other law enforcement people on this side of the Delaware. I would hope someone would ask the big wigs in Trenton what they plan to do about the gangs, the bad actors, and our law enforcers will reach out to their counterparts.

Finally, we pay our taxes and elect our leaders with the expectation of a good quality of life, safety and security in Morrisville, Falls Township and beyond. I’m just an observer and reporter, but I think if Trenton can’t put a lid on crime, with the help of NJ State police, maybe they need federal intervention.