Saturday Bristol Borough was alive with music, food, history, people and more people. It was Historic Bristol Day and the weather surely complied. The small town was filled to
the brim with visitors and friends and people like me who just love this riverfront town.

Bristol Borough, itself, is a success, having a group of people, and business owners who
about two years ago, breathed new life into this wonderful borough – one of the most
historic in Bucks County.

I had the pleasure of once again spending time there on this special day, seeing old
friends and visiting some of the new shops and booths and enjoying a hot dog by the

Bristol is a welcoming, diverse community and you can see it is equally proud of its
freedom-seeking founders and industrious, immigrant past.

It began so long ago. The borough was first settled in 1681 by English Quakers. It was
Samuel Clift who founded Bristol after receiving a land grant at the same time William
Penn’s Charter from Charles II became effective. They named the town after Bristol,
England, and it actually is the third town established in Pennsylvania.

And up until 1725, Bristol was the county seat of Bucks County, home to the first post
office, courthouse, public school, African-American church and first paved road in the
county. How about that?

Historic sites in town listed on the National Register of Historic Places include: The
Delaware Division of the Pennsylvania Canal, Dorrance Mansion, Grundy Mill Complex,
Harriman Historic District, Jefferson Avenue School and Jefferson Land Association.
That’s a brief history of this delightful town and its promise of a brighter future. Don’t
wait a year to visit!