Speak MY Piece: Heroes of the Coronavirus

Colleen Cardilla (right) drops off donations of protective medical supplies to staff at St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne. Photo via BCCC.

The coronavirus, this invisible nemesis, has changed our lives in so many ways. To watch the “numbers,” the daily count of cases and projections, is enough to cause worry and fear. But we should know we’re not alone – we belong to a community of caring people.

Note those on the other side of the numbers – the people on the frontline: doctors, nurses, aides, clinical workers, first responders, scores of volunteers on the job, taking risks, showing up. We’re talking about real people. Their actions are praiseworthy, but also something to emulate.

And thank you to the average folk, who also contribute their skills in myriad ways, and to those who quietly help a neighbor, a friend, a family member, who is alone or may need something from a store. And phone calls still work.

May I give a special shout-out to Jim Worthington, owner of the Newtown Athletic Club (NAC). Worthington generously offered and opened the doors of his expansive sports training center in Newtown Township for future convalescent care for COVID19 and non-COVID19 patients. The ongoing pandemic is straining local hospitals and healthcare providers and the addition of 80 to 100 future beds was welcome.

According to Bucks County Emergency Services Director Scott Forster, the plan for the NAC calls for 80 to 200 beds and will be staffed by medical reserve corps.

Kudos to the local food banks and to United Way of Bucks County, which continues its mission of serving the under-served and today’s increasing number of needy families and individuals with $$$ grants. The Fairless Hills-based agency needs and accepts any and all donations.

So amid the crisis and the self-awareness and self-protection we remember to be grateful to those on the frontline for risking their own health and showing up every day and to the volunteers – heroes, all. -PW