I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but what is it with the TV weather people? Remember the dark days of winter, the infamous wind chill factor and the incessant news about some blizzard out West heading for us in, maybe, four or five days? Or not. And the run on grocery stores and Home Depot ?

Now we have a similar madness during the summer weather news. Heat waves, 100 degree days, feeling like what 200, drought, sandstorms, what next? It’s all about the ratings and to get us worried enough to stay tuned. I get it.

Today, while sitting in air conditioned comfort on a hot June day, I heard a weather report out of Philadelphia warning us about the upcoming high heat – some really hot stuff coming our way, in a couple of days, the weather lady said. 100 degrees, very likely in a few days, but it will feel like more than that. Whew!

I am usually more annoyed in the winter months, especially when the blizzard fades into flurries and I have two gallons of milk and three dozen eggs in the frig.

Okay, it’s summer now – a week into it — and we can agree that it’s usually hot in summer. Soon it will be July and then we have the dog days of August, when it will be even more hot. Oh, my. There I sat, glued to the TV and not a bit worried. I have been through heat.

When I was a kid we had no air conditioning, just a fan, here and there and when it was too hot upstairs, we kids slept on the living room floor on puffy quilts with one fan. One night we put ice in a pot and set it in front of the fan. Forward thinking and I recall it was kind of cool. Nevertheless, our gang made it through the night – many nights.

However, there is something we should know about high temps. Heat can be very, very dangerous for anyone, especially the elderly, small children and people with certain medical conditions. It is better to stay out of the “noon-day sun” and if you don’t have air conditioning go somewhere that is air conditioned.

Don’t fear the numbers, be smart and stay cool, no matter what.