If you watched the news and the raids on the homes of hundreds of illegal immigrants and the companies that hired these poorly paid (illegal) immigrants, you might have noticed the shift, or emphasis, on the children.

The outrage in the media over the weekend focused on children whose parent or parents were arrested in the recent raid for immigration violations, usually coupled with another alleged infraction, according to immigration authorities.

Now the harm to the children has doubled and not because of our government. The innocent children have suffered, again, at the hands of their misguided and irresponsible parents who placed them in harm’s way when they unlawfully crossed the border with no place to land, no job in sight. (Of course, I sympathize with the search for a better life…)

In reality, the public outcry is fueled by politicians who have an agenda other than the well-being of families. It is further inflamed by the media portrayal of a “racist” administration and elected president whose sins are creating the crisis at the border. It’s all political. Have you noticed that the charges of racism and, yes, white supremacy has usurped the Russian collusion/conspiracy tale?

And now we add the plight of the children and link it to a heartless president and a ruthless ICE.

It is impossible to argue with those who hate the president and those who deride our great nation, even its founders, even its history. One cannot change a fool’s mind, but know the Congress can fix what is wrong, or going wrong, by simply doing their job — by engaging in intelligent, civil discourse and passing necessary legislation. Forego the name-calling, blaming, shaming public feud. Unfortunately, 2020 has made most of the Democrats lose their minds.

The opponents of the GOP administration, the president, have tried to take the high moral ground, a place it has no claim to, resulting in this destructive political frenzy. But in their zeal to reclaim the White House, the Democrats are doing a terrible disservice to our country.

It is, however, important to pay attention to the bitterly hot conversation ongoing. The preferred label the Left uses against people who don’t think like them is “Haters,” the speakers of hate speech. Therefore, if you voted for and still like Donald Trump, are Conservative in your values, or dislike the policies of The Squad, or the Four Mean Girls, in Congress, or the untalented bunch of Democrat presidential wannabes – watch what you say and how you say it.

Notably, these rants against cracking down on illegal immigrants have escalated into a wrongful comparison of ICE raids with the arrest of Jewish people by the Nazis. Same thing they shout in caps on social media.

Hate speech? The collective Left would argue that is not hate speech. They’re right – it’s Crazy Talk, but don’t ignore it.