People should be grateful that they’re old.  That’s right, grateful – my new mantra.  So, let’s talk about the age issue. In our world, there are many more “old folks” than ever before, thanks to good health/medical care, nutrition, personal knowledge and, okay, genetics.  

That said, I’m reminded of this because of my upcoming class reunion and learning who has passed on, and who’s still on the move. 

It has me thinking of aging and the end of the line and I can say I’m neither morose nor gleeful. I am grateful – grateful I managed to make it this far, independent, and able to do the kind of things I do and still looking forward…

So, let’s say you’re not as mobile, not as perfect as you once were, but you have your marbles. It’s still good; better than the alternative.  It is better to set aside the things we cannot change, change what can be changed and, basically, push the envelope.  And when the day begins, think about your achievement. Look at it this way, becoming a senior citizen is an achievement.  

There are children and young adults stricken with life ending disease and many dying every day. It is a sad reality, but a short life means that person would not or did not have the opportunity to enjoy a life of love and fulfillment. And that’s where gratitude comes in. 

However, one does not have to be old to join the gratitude movement: being grateful for something other than longevity, in itself, is a blessing.   -PW