The unseen coronavirus has changed our lives, upset our routines and kept us away from family and friends. We’re told to sanitize our hands, spaces and stay at home. We’re doing all of the above, but the problem is, we’re social beings.

Even semi-isolation needs to be addressed by each of us.

I was talking to a friend the other day, a knowledgeable sort, calm and innovative. He said people like routines, a schedule, because it makes them feel as though they have some control in their daily lives — accountability for our time.

So if you’re not on the job, or working on a reduced schedule from home there are a few tips. First, get out of the pj’s and start your day about the same time as yesterday!

There are a few other things that might work for most of us. Keep a loose schedule. Get up at a reasonable time every day – even though you have no place to go. Shower, get dressed, makeup on. (You’re not home sick, after all.) Choose a few activities and put them on a (loose) schedule, such as walking at a certain time of day…

This schedule thing works because we’re creatures of habit, good or bad (lol). We love our family and friends so have a “drive-by” and keep your distance. Make it fun. And one more thing, how about a good deed, brighten someone’s day with a phone call, social media – even “snail” mail.

I say this as a news person, but take a news break. The news is often gloomy and I don’t like to see repeatedly, the number of cases worldwide, or the body count, every other minute on TV.

Of course, we will get through this. Just occupy your time, don’t worry, and always be proactive with your health. Wash hands, etc.

I’m trying to do this. I’m working from home and I have a routine anchored by my noontime Speak Your Piece show. I have a schedule of sorts for the afternoon, as in Spring cleaning. Real down time comes after dinner. I catch up on the news, spend time on the computer, color (yes), write, talk, and kill lots of late night watching halfway decent Netflix. Time’s flying!