All the news is not great if you watch the news stations – fake or otherwise.

Sometimes it pays to search the “guide” and land on another show – one you would never watch and I did just that when I tuned in to Tiny Houses.

I was amazed (and doubtful) at the thought of a family opting to live in such a small space — 650 sq. ft. Why, that’s the size of some billionaire’s bathroom. But the small size of these quaint little homes in scenic spots is not the point. The point is a family or couple or individual would have to pare down – strip their household to the bare bone.

A tiny house in Portland, Oregon.

What we can learn from Tiny Houses and the minimalist philosophy is we have too much stuff. And if you are a senior citizen thinking about moving out of the family homestead you may be stopped in your tracks at the thought of ALL THAT STUFF. Am I right?

We discussed this on Speak Your Piece Friday, as many seniors are looking to downsize. In most cases, they have waited too long and the project is overwhelming, for sure. And that’s why the minimalists are reminding all of us – the 40-somethings and 50-somethings – you don’t need ALL THAT STUFF. Find freedom from the stuff.

We have been seduced by the glut of stuff on the market and the need to buy, the need to give our kids everything and double it. So let’s back up all of you, in any age range, and envision a move into a tiny house.

How many pots, mugs, books, and boxes of stuff do you need? Clothes? Who wears all the clothes hanging in the closet? Donate it to the Salvation Army. Or towels, sheets and pillows do we need? (Last time I looked I slept on one pillow, one sheet and used one
towel at a time.)

Think about immediate down, stripping away multiplying material goods. Or years of accumulation. If you are young, envision yourself moving into one of those teeny, tiny houses. A senior? What would you take to a smaller retirement apartment or

And think of the pleasure of freedom — from ALL THAT STUFF.