The Fourth of July – Independence Day — is upon us. It’s my favorite holiday, next to my birthday, and comes around every year on a hot day.

But is this a day for a barbecue, or retail sale, or is this the day we celebrate our hard fought independence from England and rejoice in our many historic documents: United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

Sorry, it’s not about backyard cookouts and cold beer. We might want to fly the flag, wave a flag, watch a parade, join a parade, and be grateful. Think about the greatness of this land and its human cost.

Here’s another thought: Several towns in our area have patriotic Fourth of July parades. They are a traditional way to spend and hour or two with the family and they offer inspiring images for the kids.

Few would argue that we are going through a period of noisy protests and public demonstrations sparked by political warring. At least, for a day, let’s turn down the volume, be cool, and celebrate the meaning of the amazing Fourth of July!