Speak MY Piece: Forecasting A Wintry Mix

A heavy-equipment operator with the Fort McCoy snow removal contractor, Kaiyuh Services LLC of Anchorage, Alaska, drives a plow truck to move snow Jan. 9, 2017, at Fort McCoy. Kaiyuh became the Fort McCoy grounds and snow-removal contractor in September 2016. (U.S. Army Photo by Scott T. Sturkol, Public Affairs Office, Fort McCoy, Wis.)

The day after Thanksgiving and who’s not tired of turkey…?

But now we have a distraction: an approaching weather event from the West. Travelers left Saturday, in advance of repetitious predictions of a strong snowstorm, maybe two this weekend. Maybe not.

But it does look as if we, in this area, are in for a wintry mix, the dreaded in-between that means rain, sleet and possibly a little actual snow, along with repeated warnings of “dangerous driving conditions” for the entire northeast. Well, I don’t have much use for a wintry mix: It’s neither here nor there.

Whatever happened to the famed blizzards of the past and we were safe at home unable to get on the road? I remember when schools, stores, the Courthouse closed, soup was on the stove, brownies in the oven and plow drivers were cashing in with overtime. I’ll take the real deal.

Snowstorms make us feel rugged, like the pioneers, although we are connected with nature through the glass. It’s 2019, we endure bad weather in cozy homes with plenty of eggs, bread and milk and zoom in on the Weather Channel. At least, a real storm does provide a tough reality — Mother Nature rules our world!

There is one other benefit — real snow brightens a dreary scene. It cloaks the barren landscape, erases urban grime, and blankets next season’s dormant life.

Then count me in as a true believer, fearless in the face of an honest-to-God snowstorm and resistant to threat of a “wintry mix.” I humbly remain in the one-or-the-other school.