There was a short-lived, peaceful demonstration at Five Points in Levittown Sunday evening to protest the death, the murder, of George Floyd under the knee of a Minneapolis policeman. Coincidentally, that 45-minute gathering coincided with two other afternoon peaceful demonstrations in Philadelphia and Trenton.

However, later that night Trenton and Philadelphia exploded in violence, looting and fire – worse in Philadelphia. Across the country, in major cities and beautiful cites and Washington DC. we have witnessed criminal anarchists hijacking a legitimate cause.

On Monday, Bucks District Attorney Matt Weintraub told WBCB listeners that police departments throughout the county were trained on what was occurring around Bucks over the weekend, as well as the small Levittown demonstration. Thankfully, Weintraub said, there was a peaceful outcome in Levittown — and absolutely no spillover from nearby cities.

Five Points, Levittown. 1963.

I still wonder why the Bristol Township residents chose Five Points for their protest? Five Points, as you may know, was the scene of a nationally-reported “gas riot” in 1979, (which I covered for the Bucks County Courier Times). That two-day riot actually followed a peaceful demonstration by five women, wives of independent truck drivers, protesting high gas prices.

And now we seem to be starting off a new week with more demonstrations and destruction in the offing.

Bottom line: We have a constitutional right to assemble and a constitutional right to free speech; however, at this time, it might be more prudent to go to church and pray for George Floyd and the USA.