Sunday is Father’s Day, a day to celebrate all Dads, no matter what.

It’s the one day of the year we think about our fathers in a certain way, perhaps because we’re reminded… and loving remembrances abound.

One day in June, we remember the good Dads, the great Dads who marched through our lives strong and certain. We also remember the Dads who struggled with life and limitations, yet did their best for the children, no matter what.

The “no-matter-what-Dad” didn’t run, stayed close, worked harder than he should have, given certain health conditions. And if this Dad couldn’t provide much beyond the basics, he always had time to talk, listen and tell a story, never letting on that life was actually hard.

For some, Father’s Day doesn’t conjure up images of family vacations and endless gifts, only Sunday drives to nearby parks and ponds, catch-and-throw in the driveway and walks in the woods or on newly fallen snow.

Some Dads provide the music. And so, on this day, we also honor those fathers in our lives who made strong efforts with modest resources; men who showed extraordinary love in ways that may have gone unnoticed for years.

Many of us are parents by the time we realize our father was a really good Dad, who also loved our mother, which is a gift in itself.