Speak MY Piece: Ensign Sarah Mitchell

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of U. S. Navy Ensign Sarah Mitchell, a Neshaminy High School graduate, serving in the Middle East on a guided missile destroyer.

She lost her life during a training mission in the Red Sea.. The 23-year-old Lower Southampton resident was remembered as a positive, friendly student, a true patriot and a great friend.

She was not unlike a shooting star. Her brief life was filled with service, promise, love and light.

This is a time to reflect on the new generation of Americans who also heard the call to duty in a tumultuous and dangerous global environment. They are serving around the world, today, or are in military academies or ROTC, dreaming of service like Ensign Mitchell, who was commissioned last year.

This lovely, courageous person will not be forgotten, nor should she be. She represents the best of our nation, a new generation of leaders destined to change the world. Her legacy is sealed in the memory of her life choices.