Speak MY Piece: “Enemy of the people”

On another note — this is my view of  “fake news,” the media’s reporting on President Donald Trump, and the president’s attack on the media.

The president recently said those in the media are the “enemy of the people.” My hair stood on end. There’s no way to defend or support such a statement.  It’s dangerous in a free society to have an un-free press, as in Pravda. 

I’m still a media person, who has spent many moons in news reporting and also in public relations. I have been on both sides of the aisle and am witness to less-than-honorable reporting and outstanding news reporting – fair and balanced. 

I’ve seen errors and bias, sorry to say.  Fake news is fiction in the form of a news story, which is intolerable and rare. I believe the president is referring to slanted news, that is, highlighting or emphasizing the negative and obscuring the other side, the facts.

Are those on national television or in newsrooms anywhere the enemies of the people? I don’t get that one. However, the obnoxious and rude reporter should find another day job, because they are not informing any of us, more so distracting us by putting themselves obnoxiously up front and making themselves the story.  

What we are seeing too often is the politicizing of the news in some reporters misguided effort to “speak truth to power,”  the mantra of self-aggrandizing news hounds, who seemingly do not understand their responsibility under the timeless First Amendment and their duty to speak the truth, themselves.

As for President Trump. . .take a deep breath.  The media as “enemy” is a stretch.  -PW