From left: Diane Ellis-Marseglia, Gene DiGirolamo, Bob Harvie.

November 5, 2019.

  • The Republicans were swept out of the Bucks County Commissioners’ office, for the first time in 30 years.
  • Numbers show strong party line voting
  • The Democrats surprised with scores of municipal and school board wins in Bucks and other suburbs.
  • Women will now hold a majority on the Board of Supervisors for the first time in Middletown – possibly the entire county.
  • Local issues did not dominate.

There are a few versions of what happened to the Bucks County GOP, a strong force in Bucks County politics for years. But it’s no small thing that the demographics have changed, as in red to purple… However, many believe, Democrats and the losers, that it
was the unpopular, tweet-crazy president that affected the entire county slate and even local races.

I believe the Republican party and its leaders are not blameless, despite the post-election cheerleading and whining.

With an eye toward next year, Democrats doing a victory dance repeatedly cited the president as a factor in their sweep of commissioners’ and row offices and the election of only one Republican to the Court of Common Pleas. And it was a Democrat commissioner who said, “It’s Trump, Trump, Trump.”

However, while the anti-Trump fervor is real, the president has a base that won’t flinch and being a Democrat on the ballot may not be enough to defeat him in 2020.

Meanwhile, it might be good if the Bucks County Republicans, who actually did a stellar job running the county for many years, would re-organize, strengthen the base, and, for goodness sake, try to figure out other possible reasons for their losses other than Trump, Trump, Trump.