Speak MY Piece: Democrats vs. Each Other

Democratic presidential candidates Senator Bernie Sanders and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

It’s the Democrats vs. Each Other, right now, but the bullseye is Donald Trump.

They’re all running against him, while hoping to take down the rest of the Democrat hopefuls. With Bernie’s win in New Hampshire, the pundits and the party faithful are touting this Socialist – Independent for the top spot, so far. Saying what? Again, the party mantra is “We have to beat Trump.”

What does that say to me? They will not allow Bernie to take the nomination, fair and square, believing he will lose to the president. Bur waiting in the wings is Mike Bloomberg, whom they have made concessions to already, as in skipping a primary and caucus.

It is obvious, the billionaire can walk in with a bag of money, drop it on the DNC desk, mostly fund his own campaign on top of that contribution to the party, which could be used in congressional races. Money talks.

At this point, it seems to me, Bloomberg is the likely candidate short of an Act of God. But, the Democrats have to have a campaign that will also have a strong agenda, a plan for the future, something better than what President Trump and the GOP have proposed and accomplished.

The Democrats and their followers do not like Trump for personal characteristics, we see. Listen to them. That’s behavior and any psychologist will tell you, behavior is changeable. Now, if he president does not stop the tweets, etc., I will vote for him until someone comes along that is smarter, more effective and polite.

Until then it looks like Trump vs. Bloomberg or some other “brilliant” surprise… Brad Pitt, Robert DiNiro?