At one point I thought Bernie was done for all the obvious reasons, namely, he’s an Independent and a Socialist. He is not a Communist, no matter where he honeymooned.

But the socialist thing scares me because I thought no way would the Democrats go for such a left-leaning candidate and that may be true when it comes to their leadership, but it’s not the leadership that’s turning out for the Bernie rallies. It appears to me that a lot of Americans seem willing to buy into some of the socialist agenda. Surprise, there was no endorsement for any candidate from the huge culinary union in Las Vegas, normally a vote for Biden. Why not Biden?

My thinking is… the  Democrat party’s  top dogs smell Bloomberg’s cash and don’t know what to do about Lefty Bernie, in the first place, or, now, Biden.

No unified support for a ticket going into the convention would tell the tale about the floundering Democrat party, which seems to have been caught off-guard with the Russia and impeachment failures – and the survival of Donald Trump, a real threat come November.

I would love to be a fly on the wall inside one of their 2020 campaign sessions just to hear former Bill and Hillary Clinton strategist James Carville. This brainy Louisiana hotshot already has taken his party to task for its lousy judgment, extreme tilt to the left, and the wannabe nominees already gasping for breath.

Carville would surely say none of it is going to win them votes across the country and no New York socialist is going to have sweeping appeal in the hinterlands and small towns. If the rest of the hopefuls drop by the wayside, as they have started to do, consider that Sanders and Bloomberg may be the only two standing. No Biden, no Warren, no Klobuchar, no Buttigieg.

While I’m a Republican, the overriding issue is neither Democrat or Republican, Liberal, Socialist or Conservative. It’s the question of whether the “late-blooming” candidacy of Mike Bloomberg and his pile of money will be enough to win the top spot on the Democrat ballot. To me, the thought of it seems unfair to Democrats still on the campaign trail. They must be fuming.

Who wants someone who didn’t fight it out in the political sparring matches, called primaries, but walked in with millions of his own money? Bloomberg recently spent $350 million on advertising his name out Iowa-way and is paying millions more for upcoming advertising and campaign staffing. He’s about to suck the oxygen out of a few more campaigns.

I believe raising money (donations) from accounted sources is a lot different than going into your own wallet. Ask Democrats if they believe any individual should be able to “buy” a party nomination for President of the United States?  ‘Cause that’s what the Bloomberg deal is starting to look like. -PW