Here’s my take on the Democrat debate last night from Las Vegas: Good entertainment, but a kind of slippery slope for most.

If you were a Democrat supporter of any of the candidates, you were probably thrilled with the uninspiring presentation of the Billionaire.

At the end, Bernie Sanders is still strong, not undone. Joe Biden seemed to come back to life. Elizabeth Warren had her boxing gloves on, knocked out Mayor Pete, for a moment, and Mayor Mike for another moment. Amy Kobuchar was still standing after defending her intellect to Pete Buttigieg when she could not recall the name of the Mexican president. Ouch.

“I am not dumb” she argued to the Buttigieg, who still lacks the old-fashioned experience they all tout, but he looks good. Oh, my, what are they going to do as a party? Who’s ready to take on Donald J. Trump and win? Not anyone I saw last night.  Not anyone the Democrat National Committee saw – I’ll bet.

Alas, Mike Bloomberg is not ready for prime time despite his unending pot of gold. He was stiff, unprepared, and rattled by one or two of his fellow debaters.

For sure, his consultants will try to fix, also because the Democrats know America is not going to vote for a self-proclaimed Socialist like Bernie and are still looking, hopefully, at the Billionaire.