Okay, kids, you get to sleep an hour later this weekend when Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 a.m. Sunday, Nov 4. We get to pick up the hour we lost in the Spring. Ho hum.

Daylight Saving Time, DST, who cares? It makes no difference to me, ‘cause I’m sleeping when the sun comes up and not usually on the street when it sets – no matter what time.

What’s the reason we tampered with our precious 24-hour day, anyway –a day that hinges on sun-up and sundown.

Whose idea was it? It goes as far back as Ben Franklin and an Englishman named Willett. The proponents argued for saving money on candles and later electricity. Natural light, so cost effective.

DST was always a controversy for various reasons and it once was referred to as the “chaos of clocks” by TIME magazine, Farmers opposed it because their work and their cows were on the natural daylight schedule. Most likely it came down to saving money in businesses and shops, but we later learned the cost savings are minimal and now gobbled up by air conditioning in our places of business. So what’s the rationale in 2018?

DST has a bright side (no pun intended). I admit I enjoyed sitting on the beach in the special light of the six o’clock hour and driving home through the Pine Barrens in a fading light. Or just sitting outdoors on the patio.

Now we’re looking toward a shorter day, a time to come inside and put on the tea kettle in late afternoon – the light dimming outside. It’s a cozy thought.

Okay, let’s see what DST does to change our lives, or slow us down. In the meantime, no matter what modern society does, saving an hour doesn’t affect the physics of earth’s orbit around the sun. Sunrise and sunset is on the very same schedule as the last billion years.

That said, let’s turn the clock back one hour before going to bed Saturday night, regardless of the orbit or pennies saved. Just do it – Fall back!