Speak MY Piece: Cosby

Bill Cosby was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault in a Norristown courtroom, Thursday, and faces 10 years for each count. After the verdict, the usually sedate Cosby lost his cool and shouted out at the prosecutor, name-calling, etc.

But the famous Bill Cosby got what was coming to him. He’s a famous felon.

The 80-year-old Cosby has enjoyed life in the limelight as “Dr. Huxstable,” a role model for Dads everywhere, television star and a spokesman for Jello.

He earned a degree later in life and became a huge advocate and fundraiser for his alma mater, Temple University.

We also knew him as a moralist, a husband, and father. What we did not know was the other side, his aggressive, demeaning behavior toward women, the crimes. During his expected appeal many more female victims will relate their stories in court and that can’t be good for Cosby.

After the trial, the victims in court were cheering and the #MeToo movement was cheering, but I was not, thinking of all the still silent women, victimized by powerful men who kept quiet out of fear they would not be believed, or their futures would be affected – think Harvey Weinstein.

But I’m not comfortable with any female victim of an assault who puts a price tag on her silence. How self-serving is that? The attacker’s behavior remains. I believe the Cosby case will be a lesson to powerful men – and men who think they’re too powerful to stop. Be assured, women won’t go quietly now.  -PW