Dr. David Damsker is in the driver’s seat as Bucks County focuses on the coronavirus. Yesterday, we heard the news of  the first county “community spread,” that is, two patients, same family, who had not contracted the virus elsewhere, like the other 12 cases in Bucks, to date. At this writing there are no cases in Lower Bucks County other than Lower Makefield. Mostly Central Bucks.

Regardless of where we live, it is so important to do our part, right where we are, such as social distancing, hand washing, sanitizing all surfaces most frequently touched. Calm and cautious is the order of the day. It bears repeating.

Sorry to say, but we must avoid large groups, family, or otherwise. Stay in touch with family and friends on the internet, phone, shout across the street if you have to, but keep your distance. The important objective, aside from staying healthy, is to slow down the coronavirus and prevent our hospitals from being overwhelmed as they gear up for more testing and more patients.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of real information out there, so keep informed with news and updates from professional and government sources. If we’re better informed, we are less worried (fearful).

Thanks should go out to all the medical professionals on the frontlines, particularly, the County of Bucks’ Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Health for information and guidance.

Meanwhile, the city of Philadelphia now has 44 reported cases, with a testing site being set up today at the sports complex in South Philadelphia. St. Mary Hospital also is setting up a site, with more to come, I expect.

Most important, right now, is stay put if you can. In a release today, SEPTA says it is cutting cut back on its schedule, setting up Saturday hours seven days a week, while telling riders avoid unnecessary traveling.