Speak MY Piece: Coming Back After Kicking COVID-19

Pat Wandling speaking with Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick on Speak Your Piece at the 2018 Frank Farry senior expo.

I tested positive early in February for COVID-19, and here I am, on the job in March.

Yes, I did apply for the vaccine in January when I was eligible, but I understand the various vaccines were in short supply. Not so in March.

There is good news from Doylestown where county health officials noted a 60-61% drop in COVID-19 since January, not withstanding a slight increase in one February week. Since the onset of the pandemic, Bucks County has taken a hit – there were a reported 45,176 COVID cases and 1,132 deaths, thus, the recent drop in reported cases may indicate more people have been vaccinated. Register with the county, your local pharmacy… whatever you can do to get the vaccine.

Also, many continue to follow the ongoing advice of Dr. David Damsker, who heads our county health department. It remains important today to:

• Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap and water.
• Cough into your elbow, not your hands.
• Clean car and household surfaces often
• Social distance
• Wear a mask in public places(if you cannot avoid distancing)

Be cautious, not fearful. COVID afflicts people in different ways, as we know, but more recover, than not! The best advice is to heed the directives from the medical/health experts, rather than debate issues of personal freedom concerning mask-wearing. What we should do is more about our personal well-being, our family and friends and, more importantly, stopping the spread of that extremely nasty virus.

And while I began by pointing to a drop in COVID in Bucks County and nationwide since January, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control cautions there may be another “surge.” So, let’s continue do our part.