Speak MY Piece: Comey’s Book

Former FBI Director James Comey at a press conference in July 2016.

I couldn’t wait to see the ABC interview, Sunday night, with former FBI Director James Comey. How about you? Surely because of the hype preceding the show and to learn what Comey had to say about his firing and his dealings with President Trump.

The former director sat down with ABC to kick off a book tour and sales blitz for a self-serving book, that is more a memoir about Comey’s life, his and his opinion about the new president and a little gloss to his final days in the FBI. Surprisingly, the president and his “shortcomings” appear 200 pages into the book.

But the one-hour television interview was dominated by the former director’s encounters with the new president, his firing, judgments and petty observations. What Comey did was tell the world the President of the United States is a liar, “morally unfit to be president,” COULD be guilty of obstruction of justice and his tan is fake.

Yet, his silence was deafening on the FBI’s Hillary Clinton investigation, or “matter.” We still don’t know why the former Secretary of State and Democratic candidate escaped justice and Comey wasn’t saying. On the other hand, maybe that’s the sequel.

Through other administrations, Comey has enjoyed a solid reputation as head of the FBI but did do something that should have gotten him fired on the spot. Prior to the election in 2016, he gave a friend information on an investigation — the phony Democrat-financed dossier on Trump — so he could “leak” it to the New York Times. Everyone knows the FBI never, ever, releases information about ongoing investigations. It’s a mortal sin.

Still, I do feel sad about Comey falling down the rabbit hole, but he did not do the right thing in the aforementioned case and also overlooked what was going on under his nose within his agency, or so it seems.

More importantly, this hyped-up, exclusive ABC interview was conducted by none other than George Stephanopoulos, former right-hand assistant and White House close associate of President Bill Clinton and also a contributor to Hillary Clinton’s ill-fated presidential campaign.

Despite its wavy line between fact and fiction, Comey’s book is beneath the dignity of his former office and denigrating to the President of the United States. Overall, we can continue to have a respect for the thousands of men and women working for the FBI, the supreme law enforcement agency in the world.