If you wanted a civics lesson for yourself or family – you should have been tuned into the Senate hearing with Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a nominee for the United States Supreme Court. If you did, you saw an amazing civics lesson that should be available to our young students, for sure.

I expect there will be re-runs of certain significant parts having to do with the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, significant high court decisions, precedent setting cases and, more importantly, what Judge Kavanaugh thinks of our founding documents and, therefore, an independent judiciary.

He made it clear a judge must be independent, free of political influence or any other kind of influence – and I believe him. Judge Kavanaugh’s demeanor is certainly judicial and he is brilliant. He calmly and respectfully answered the politically motivated and at times it appeared as if he was under an orchestrated attack, not to mention the incessant shouting and screaming from onlookers in the gallery.

Politics permeates everything, we know, but I believe Judge Kavanaugh was most convincing in his testimony that it does not belong on the bench!

And as the judge also responded, often, there is no religious test in the Constitution and they (judges) do not consider themselves either Republican or Democrat.

We only can hope it’s the way the court continues into the future. As the Founders expected.