I have been thinking about the safety of shopping in food stores, a place we certainly need to go, but wondering if it’s possible to practice social distancing in (even) a semi-crowded  store?

Stores are stepping up their efforts to help us in that area, including barriers between check-out clerks and making sure customers are standing far apart on the checkout line and more.

Now, we’ve heard reports of two employees in two local stores – grocery and retail/food – who were stricken with the coronavirus. I’m not going to mention the names of the outlets, since they have taken care of the problem with sanitizing supreme and are open. Still it is cause to become ever-more diligent in our own health practices.

Personally, I have not been shopping in about three weeks shifting that to willing family members who do. The early recommendation from health agencies is that one person in a household, shop, which is what the Wandlings are doing.

With the increase in case numbers, especially in hot-spot states surrounding us, the professionals are boosting the warnings on our interactions and travel.  We’re advised to engage in strict social distancing and heed stay-at-home edicts. Avoid crowds, even small crowds. It’s the most important thing you and I can do for personal safety, but more importantly it will prevent extreme overcrowding in hospitals. Remember, our health workers are tired, overwhelmed, getting sick, yet showing up everyday. Help them–stay home!

We in Bucks County border a big city and the news from there is not good. I read in Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer a pretty scary headline:  “Area Braces for a Tsunami.”  It was a regional story with an ominous headline. According to federal, health expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, the worst is yet to come, case by case  in previously clean communities across the country. Speaking of “tsunami,” I don’t know if that’s the right word, but it does grab one’s attention.

Still, have no fear. Rather than fretting, take a renewed stand against the virus. Be vigilant, keep a distance, sanitize conscientiously and wash your hands, as never before.

“Adhere to Extreme Social Distancing Guidelines through April 30.” That’s the advice and headline I like.