Sept. 25 – the day Bill Cosby was sentenced to at least three years in a state prison for his predatory assaults on women. We are all too familiar with the story and the two trials that often led the news, especially in our region of the country.

But that’s not what I’m thinking about today. I feel sorry for the fathers, husbands and sons who may be tarnished by Bill Cosby’s antics. What I do not feel, however, is glee in the outcome of the trial and the jail time Cosby will serve.

Cosby was a very funny man who later became America’s Dad when he assumed the award-winning role of Dr, Huxtable. I loved the show, everyone loved the show and African-American kids and families had a story line and role model that likely inspired them to look at the possibilities that lay ahead. I wouldn’t be surprised.

In his many speeches, Bill Cosby often touted higher education, preferably at Temple University, his alma mater, but he also admonished African-American men to take responsibility and become attentive and loving fathers, real fathers caring for, guiding and supporting their children. Oh, he was criticized for bad-mouthing his brothers – I remember the comments and news articles. But he was true to his word and did not back down. Bill Cosby was viewed as a very good man!

Now his image is tarnished by a pattern of behavior and his skill at taking advantage of young women. The stories slowly came out, but I understand why the victims did not come forward right away. I believed them when they said they knew he was famous, rich, well-connected and, therefore, they might face some blame and humiliation, so. . .

And maybe on a lesser scale it’s possible someone may have thought getting to know Bill Cosby would benefit them, not realizing they were stepping into the lion’s den, of course.

The women became victims and silent ones at that, until one brave soul came forward and laid it out there – unafraid and unabashed. Lesson learned? Women should stand up and reject indignities, regardless of who the perpetrator is.

And now this case is closed, but I believe collateral damage was done to a majority of men in our society who are decent and genuinely respect women — and love their mothers.

Bill Cosby’s actions struck a blow and justice was served, today. Should he have been sentenced to prison as old and in poor health as he is? Yes, indeed, I’m sorry to say.