President Joseph R. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in today beneath the American flag, the precious symbol of liberty and freedom. They took the solemn oath to defend the U.S Constitution before a limited crowd – and an unseemly mass presence of National Guardsmen and law enforcement.

It was sunny in the nation’s capital as President Biden spoke in reassuring terms about unity, civility and tolerance. He spoke deliberately. They were great words, the right speech, but I also thought (hoped) that the actions of our new president and his party, in the significant, coming 100 days, will bring us together as we let go of the thorns of the past.

However, these thoughts do not diminish the emotions that arise every four years when we Americans go through a transition of power, freely. It stimulates pride knowing we live in a great country, with a great constitutional system, and we can withstand anything.

Let’s pray for President Biden and all our elected officials. Let’s pray for continued strength, cooperation and unity. And God’s blessings.