We’re still in the Independence Day mode, so let’s talk about Benjamin Franklin, late of Philadelphia.

There are many things written about this great historic figure, but I just came across something more than noteworthy. Franklin, among many other endeavors, embarked in a lifelong journey to improve himself — and the world, too. Did you know it was a plan?

He asked himself two daily questions: “What good shall I do this day?” and ended by asking. “What good have I done today?”

I wonder what would happen in our world, yours and mine, if we followed Franklin’s advice, and what effect would it have on the daily choices we make?

Well, it’s morning, as I write and I just asked myself the first question.

Surprisingly, I came up have an answer on how I might do some good today. It was relatively quick, not life-changing, but a step toward self-improvement.

I love this idea and wish I had come across Franklin’s specific philosophy a long time ago.

But it’s not too late, since we’re never too old to learn, or change, no matter what they tell us.

In 2018, we call it making a difference.