I still have a question – a lingering question days after the assault on the Capitol. Who were those people?

Like you, I watched the event on Jan. 6 unfold – and disintegrate. I was appalled, furious, saddened to see our beautiful, historic Capitol building under siege. A week later, I still want to know what they were thinking. If they were thinking at all.

Did they believe they were showing support for resident Trump, believing like he does that there was fraud and he actually won by a landslide? Or did they believe they were going to change the outcome of the November election with masses of people descending on the nation’s capital; or by breaching the hallowed halls of Congress?  What were they thinking?

There were thousands in Washington that day, including from Bucks County. They and the great majority were peaceful citizens there to show support for the president. They were not scaling the walls and invading the Capitol?

Those who did, the mob, didn’t understand or value the historic and constitutional business going on within the Capital and so they desecrated the institution, terrified lawmakers, caused havoc, injuries and death.  The ransackers and rioters are not patriots – they’re the enemy.

And in their stunning misadventure, they left an ink blot in our history books, even greater than the summer riots. Notably, they set the Democrats and all their allies on fire – and destroyed Donald Trump in the process.