Speak MY Piece: Mob Takes Over Seattle City Hall

The Seattle Skyline.

Far from here, a small section of Seattle, Washington, a notoriously overcast, beautiful, progressive city, succumbed to a mob that stormed city hall and established a six-block, police-free zone, an autonomous zone, free from the authority of anyone, any agency.

They may not like the word, anarchy, but suffice it to say, the radical mob is demanding removal of the local police presence, resignation of the duly-elected, progressive mayor and converting that specific police headquarters within the “zone” into a community center. And more unseemly, they had the support and help of one councilwoman who, in her television debut, sounded more like a megaphoned rebel leader than a city official. Earlier, she had unlocked City Hall to her new-found friends.

Seattle is something to watch, that is, how long it plays out and how “autonomous” they can be. Also, how did this core group of anarchists manage to drag all sorts of well-meaning people into their little army? Is it a Seattle phenomenon or could it happen here? And can a civilized society survive without laws, without order?

What is going on in Seattle is beyond political discourse and peaceful marches: it’s less about improving the system and more about upending it.