“Day of Infamy…”

We pause to note this day, Dec. 7, the 78th anniversary of the Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor Naval Base — and the tipping point to World War II.

There were 2,403 souls taken suddenly in a rain of bombs and bullets on a sunny Sunday in Hawaii. And 1,178 injured survivors.

Shocked and angry, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt called Dec. 7, a “day of infamy” in his address and declaration of war to the U.S. Congress. That phrase became the most remembered and repeated phrase from the speech.

The attack was a deadly surprise that ultimately would bring about the surrender of the Japanese Empire. Historically, World War II is considered The War, but it did not end warfare, as some thought. In the 21 st century bloody battles continue as lives are lost in pursuit of a myriad of causes, ideologies and conquest.

We may say war should be avoided, but there are just wars, like WWII. There are wars for freedom, not confiscation. Wars for salvation, not slavery… And as long as some people or nations choose to live by the sword, freedom-loving nations like ours will continue to send heroes into the fight.

Please say a prayer for the fallen, implore God to bless America, and Remember Pearl Harbor.