Speak My Piece: A Blue Bucks County

Commissioner Chairman Rob Loughery concedes early Wednesday morning. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Congratulations to the winners, one and all.

Indeed, it was a tsunami – a blue wave that swept Bucks County Tuesday and stunned Republican leaders, who say it’s a reaction to President Donald Trump. That’s it. And as in the last election when Democrats captured a few row offices, the anti-Trump movement was cited.

Democrat Commissioner Diane Marseglia, who was re-elected, said yesterday, “It’s all Trump.” Seems she was right and that’s too bad, you county voters.

All politics is local and President Trump is not local. Many good office holders lost yesterday, many incumbents who have managed their offices intelligently, efficiently and with dignity. I know many of those who lost and have worked in the county with some of them and it is not partisan to say that some did not deserve to lose.

But that’s the political game and it’s also a thing that makes our nation great. If someone is doing a bad job, the people have the power of the ballot, the power of an informed vote.

But we are caught up in the power of identity politics, personality politics. I heard two Democrat leaders – two winners – talking about Donald Trump and his record of “doing nothing.” Etc.!

And somehow with the majority of voters that translated into losses for Republican municipal candidates, who may have had a stellar record, or none at all. It translated into a shift to a Democrat majority in the county for the first time since… and some politicians took judgeships here and there.

As I recall, debate in front of the polling places had more to do with the president than our friends and neighbors running for school board seats, or supervisors, or council members… it tells you something.

In state races, as in Kentucky’s gubernatorial election, the one that Trump campaigned for was under the microscope and when he lost all the major media ran it as a loss for Trump. What if people in Kentucky just didn’t like him? The lieutenant governor won.

However, realistically, the blue tsunami does not bode well for the GOP in the upcoming federal elections. But, if voters are going to take their hatred for the president into the voting booth and pull a straight Democrat lever, is that good for governing going forward?