In recent and past political campaigns immigration, border security, and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are on the agenda. No one has a feasible solution, however…

In the 1st Congressional District debate, Tuesday, between Republican candidates, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick and Dean Malik, the Daca program, came up and there was a contrast.

I was especially struck by the position of Malik, a conservative Republican who is supportive of legal immigration. He said, succinctly, the “Dreamers” do not belong here since their undocumented parents broke the law of the land. But the subject was children brought here by their illegally arriving parents. The kids may have ranged in age from infants to teen, although today many have completed school and, more importantly for the youngest, this is the only country they know. Therein lies the dilemma.

Fitzpatrick’s response was equally succinct, but supportive of the Dreamers, stressing that he couldn’t name anyplace in the world where children are punished for the sins of their parents.

It is a dilemma for everyone who believes we have a moral obligation to the young, the old, the informed and the poor.

When President Trump decided to rescind the Daca program 787,580 individuals had been granted approval and they must have come to this country before they were 16 years old and lived here continuously since June 2007.

You’ll recall Dreamers are protected by Daca based on the federal program created in 2012 under Barack Obama. The law allows those immigrants brought to the United States illegally to remain in the United States, albeit temporarily.

All (Dreamer) applicants are vetted for any criminal history or threat to national security. And they must be students, have completed school or military service. If they pass vetting, action to deport them is deferred for two years and they have the opportunity to obtain a driver’s license, attend college and work.

I cannot see, considering the logistics of it, a way to safely and humanely oust children of the undocumented. For that matter, how do we get rid of the million or more adults who are undocumented immigrants who often have support from left-wing organizations and their legal teams? We can’t even keep the criminals we’ve deported from coming back. It’s unworkable.

And it remains a serious issue for us all.   -PW