Even in the age of remote learning, it seems snow days are not completely out of style for schools in Lower Bucks.

The Neshaminy School District is in its second straight snow day Thursday and students will not be back in the classroom until Monday.

Superintendent Dr. Rob McGee said the break would relieve some stress on the system. He noted the schools, as well as first responders and public works, will face staffing issues with a combination of snow and COVID-19.

“All-in-all, I thought it best to get Neshaminy ‘out of the way’ for a few days given the totality of the uncertainty of a Winter Storm under Pandemic conditions,” said McGee in a letter.

Synchronous remote learning will resume Friday for Neshaminy schools.

But most local students are not quite so lucky, as most school districts in Lower Bucks are taking a different approach.

Bensalem, Bristol Township, Morrisville, Council Rock, and Pennsbury students have an asynchronous learning day Thursday. This means they have virtual assignments but can complete them at their own pace. Students who finish these tasks will be marked “present.”

While more flexible than synchronous, the workload could damper spirits in prime sledding conditions. Lower Bucks experienced five to seven inches of snow fall.

However, there is technically a positive from the asynchronous learning day, at least in Bensalem. It brings a slightly longer summer vacation.

“While we value the childhood magic of a “snow day,” we also have taken into consideration the importance of maintaining educational routines that have already been disrupted by COVID mitigation,” said a notice from Bensalem. “This will allow us to count toward our 180 days and not require us to make up a day in June.”