Bristol Township Police Department is reminding residents that Bucks County uses ‘Smart911,’ a free service that helps provide more information to first responders in emergency situations.

In Bucks County more than 70 percent of 9-1-1 calls or texts are from cell phones. But when dialing 9-1-1 from a mobile phone call takers have very little information about the caller other than a phone number and general location.

With ‘Smart911’ users can add key information about members of the household, which can be shared with first responders in the event of an emergency, whether the call is from the home or any mobile phone.

Users can include medical details for any member of the household such as medical conditions, allergies, and disabilities, providing emergency personnel with pertinent information before they arrive on the scene.

There are also options to include address and location information which help facilitate quicker response times in emergency situations.

‘Smart911’ even allows users to include information about household animals, floor layout and bedroom locations, and vehicle details, which may be useful in the occurrence of a car accident. 

To sign up go to and choose PA-Bucks-County as your 9-1-1 provider.

WBCB’s Brianna Williams contributed to this post.