Four Neshaminy High School students are seriously injured after a drunk driver caused a three car crash over the weekend. Two others, including the suspected driver at fault, are also in the hospital.

Shane Brolly, 24. Photo via Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.

Authorities say Shane Brolly, 24, was headed northbound on Bridgetown Pike Saturday evening shortly after 10 p.m. He was driving near Playwicki Farm just outside of Lower Southampton Township.

Brolly allegedly tried passing another vehicle by crossing the double yellow lines. But as he was fully in the southbound lane, he hit an oncoming Mazda CX5 head on.

This forced Brolly’s truck back into the northbound lane, causing another vehicle to hit him from behind.

The Mazda, which had the four teens inside, was sent more than 50 feet off the road. All four students suffered life threatening or serious internal injuries and needed emergency medical treatment.

One teen needed surgery for “a broken arm, broken femur, and serious internal injuries.” A second required emergency life-saving surgery at Temple University Hospital. The third also needed surgery for internal injuries. The fourth teen suffered face and head trauma and also needed surgery for other injuries.

Wreckage from the crash. Photo via Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.

Brolly had a passenger in his car, and they were both taken to the hospital with serious injuries as well. His passenger required surgery, but Brolly did not.

Police at the scene reported finding several containers of alcohol, opened and unopened, in Brolly’s GMC Sierra. The criminal complaint states officers detected the smell of alcohol on Brolly, and he admitted to drinking throughout the day.

All three vehicles involved sustained heavy damages, according to police. Three people in the third vehicle were let go at the scene.

Brolly is a citizen of the United Kingdom but lives in Philadelphia. He faces multiple charges including aggravated assault by vehicle. A judge has set his bail at 10 percent of $10 million.

A Go Fund Me to pay for the victims’ medical costs has already reached $82,000 as of noon Tuesday. It states all four victims who attend Neshaminy High School are teenage girls.